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Business Development

Research & Analytics

Custom Training

Direct Sales and Strategy services are all about finding, acquiring and keeping the right clients for you. We prioritize collaboration and efficiency to increase productivity, scalability, and Return On Investment (ROI). IGS’s robust sales team focuses on implementing bespoke strategies and tactics to reduce costs, shortening the sales cycle and to ensure an excellent customer experience. Our sales services include:

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Business Development
  • Direct Selling
  • Sales Team Training
  • Sales Team Integration

Direct Selling

  • A unique sales team specialized in negotiation, pitching and closing
  • Prospecting and proposal writing
  • Impressive high volume sales
  • The creation of a sales strategy
  • Track key industry trends, opportunities, and threats

Direct Selling function at IGS gives your company a competitive advantage by increasing your market share through increased sales and accelerating revenue targets. Our reliable sales team allows you to concentrate on your day-to-day operations without worrying about acquiring your next customer. Our dynamic direct sales services offer you the following benefits:

Sales and Customer Service Training

Custom Training through IGS is catered to your needs from new hire videos to advanced multi-week seminars. Our one and only objective with our training services is to expand the knowledge, skills and capabilities of your staff. We want to ensure you see a return on your investment that pays dividends for years to come through improved efficiency and effectiveness in your sales cycle. All our training courses are fully customized and exclusive to your company. In addition we provide training integration services. In this case we work with your team as we train them to ensure they are learning and implementing their new knowledge into their work. 

  • Business Development
  • Prospecting, Acquiring and Retaining
  • Systems Integration¬†
  • Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Product Management
  • Customer Service