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Branding Press Kits


Stationery & Documents

Brand Management through IGS represents a proposition to develop brand strategies that engage target audiences. We focus on establishing your brand image and forming a personality for your products, services, and organization. Our primary objective is to improve and aggressively increase the impression your brand leaves in your niche market. We drive purposeful growth for your brand through strategy activation, design empowerment, and market adoption. From cultivating new ideas to connecting your products and services with the ultimate user experience, our brand management strategy revolves around the six pillars:

  • Brand Strategy & Experience
  • Content Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Guidelines & Systems
  • Trends & Insights

Logo Design

  • Multiple Unique Logo Renders
  • 3D Mockups on Surfaces & Merchandise
  • Reference Matching
  • Multiple Revision Cycles
  • Final Image Files and Project Bones
  • Several Colour Variation Renders

Logo Design is a simple but highly customized process. Your logo is the face of your brand and it tells the world who you are and what you stand for. Our team ensures your logo is one to remember. Whether your logo is minimalistic or complicated with hand-drawn elements and futuristic 3D rendering, we can provide any look to best display your business.

Branding Press Kits

Branding Press Kits are the life blood of a brand. The DNA that keeps your brand consistent throughout all platforms. We will make your brand come alive with typography, colour palette, imagery, and an overall vibe that matches beautifully. This allows you to display your brand anywhere any time with ease.

  • Logo Use Guidelines
  • Typography Overview
  • Detailed Colour Palette
  • Web/Social Media Mockups
  • Stationery Mockups
  • Company Branding Statement

Stationery & Documents

  • Proposals
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Presentations
  • Letterhead
  • Electronic Forms
  • Flat Forms
  • Training Modules

Stationery and Document Design  flat design and electronic document design are more important than you might imagine. A clean, sharp invoice, catalogue or proposal tells your client you mean business.

Create your dream brand.

We want to make your brand memorable and have your message stand out. With branding, consistency is key. Our brand management team is dedicated to making sure your brand is recognizable and stands out wherever you go.